How to Create a Resume using 10 Best Simple Techniques


Which is the most important thing required for applying for a job? Well, the answer is quite simple i.e. your resume. Is the most important document of your own which is mandatorily required while applying for a job?

We are all aware of resumes and their importance but how to create a resume for a job is not that easy always. We always full of many questions while creating a good resume. Therefore we are going to learn about how to create a resume using the 10 best tips and techniques

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What is mean by Resume?

Before we look into tips and techniques to create a resume, we must know that actual meaning of Resume. We always confused with similar terminologies like Bio-data and CV( Curriculum Vitae). So let’s understand the difference between each of them.


Bio-data means your biographical data. This is a very short form of information about you. It is the most common term which was used earlier.

Bio-data contains only basic information of yours i.e. Date of birth, address, Nationality, marital status, and education, etc. It does not contain all your skills and experience. It can be used everywhere for education marriage purposes etc. It is a very simple form of your information.


A resume is slightly descriptive than bio-data. It contains all of your basic information as well as your experience and skills

It is specifically designed to apply for a job opportunity. It could be more than one or two pages. A good resume is always written in a proper sequence and well structured.

It plays an important role in your career. It is a mirror of your own where all the information mentioned are true and valid.

CV(Curriculum Vitae):

CV (Curriculum Vitae) is a detailed form of your resume. It contains more information and can be more than 3 pages or could be even longer.

It contains all the information of your own since you started your career after your education. In the CV you may have to mention experience from different industries, technologies, or positions. It is a wide form of your information that can be used to apply for Senior positions where huge experience is required in that particular field.

Importance of Resume and Employer Concerns

Why resume is the most important documents when it concerns to a job.

  • Candidate Basic Information– Employer can have basic information with them like contact details, date of birth, address, etc. These are very important aspects which is useful to contact you by an employer after your selection.
  • Experience: Employer wants to check all experiences that are mentioned already in your resume. According to that and it is useful to decide if you fit in the criteria
  • Skill & Expertise: The employer is very concern to hire a candidate with desirable skills and expertise. Therefore from your resume employer can check out your skills and your expertise
  • Goals and Interest:  Employer wants can check the personalities that are suitable for available jobs in the company. Therefore depending on your interest, they can decide best for you.

What are the ways to create a resume?

How to create a resume and what type of medium is useful in order to create it. Well, there are many ways to create a resume. You can choose to create by your own with the help of useful format.

Also you can take the help from your mentors or friends or qualified family members to build an ideal resume.

There is another way to create a resume that is online option. This is nowadays one of the most popular medium which is very effective.  With this online option you can either can take help from resume expert or can prepare resume online with resume building websites.

Best simple techniques to create a perfect resume

So, Let’s discuss how to create a resume using the 10 best simple techniques. We are going to discuss these with reference to different sections of your resume

  • Headline/Title: Use a bold headline in the center of your resume. You can simply write Resume in bold or mention your Name with Email ID and Mobile number
  • Objective:  Your objective must be convincing to the employer.From which they are going to look a value into you. A proper objective according to your experience should be mentioned.
  • Professional Summary: This is the most important part of your resume. In this section, you need to mention your overall skillsets with your expertise and total experience you have got into a particular field. It becomes very easy for any recruiter to assess your resume from your professional summary.
  • Experience:  Keep remember that if you are an experienced candidate trying to create your resume, you always need to highlight your experience first before your qualification. Otherwise, for fresher, you can focus on your qualifications. You must mention your experience in reverse chronological orders. Means your current experience must be mentioned first and the rest to be mentioned in descending order.
  • Qualification: It is one of the most important things to be mentioned in every resume. Every job vacancy demands different kinds of qualifications. Therefore make sure you must mention your highest qualification first and rest in reverse chronological order.
  • Skills /Techniques/Expertise: You need to elaborate on your skills, techniques, and expertise which you had mentioned in the professional summary. Every recruiter is keen to know about your expertise from which shortlisting of your resume can be done easily.
  • Achievements/Award/honors: This carries extra weightage to your resume. It makes your resume different from others. It becomes useful for the recruiter to shortlist you if you have certain achievements or awards in that field. Therefore you need to mention it properly. Make sure you should mention your real achievements only.
  • Hobbies & Interest: You must mention your Hobbies and interests as per your personality. The recruiter may ask to check your knowledge about interests. This is just to check your personality which you are better into.  Therefore you must mention those only hobbies and interests that you are better at or you explain them better
  • Personal Information: It contains your all information right from your name, address, date of birth, marital status, and contact details. Make sure you must enter the correct details. These details are very important from which the recruiter can contact you directly. You must crosscheck each detail after your resume is complete.
  • Declaration: Well declaration is not the resume part where you need to give any information. In this section, you just need to write a declaration only where you must mention that all the information mention is true and valid and it as belonging to you only.


Well, from the above simple techniques we have covered almost all the queries and doubts about How to create a resume. We are hoping that it will definitely help you to build your perfect resume. If you have any more queries or doubts, you can mention them in the comment section. We will definitely work on the same.

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