How to write a formal job application Email

How to write a formal job application Email

Well, this is a major question that arises while applying for a job through formal mail. Many times we searching for jobs on local job portals or social media and many times we are not aware of how to apply to these kinds of job vacancies. So we are looking for some solutions to this problem and a standard format for the same.

Things to remember before start actual writing, we must understand that job application via email should be formal. You must ensure that you have to show them the best candidature for the job vacancy you are applying for. 

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When do you require to send a job Application Email?

  • When the employers are asking specifically to submit a resume via mail.
  • When there is no formal listing available and want to reach the employer.
  • When there are local job vacancies with small employers and does not available on job portals
  • When you need to enquire about available vacancies with a certain employer.

What to include in your Email application

  • The reason- Actual reason for enquiring
  • The title -You have to mention the proper subject line of the job.
  • Your Basic Contact Details – Your correct name with contact details
  • Qualification Information – The suitable qualifications that make you the most deserving candidate.
  • Your resume- Your updated resume
  • Your cover letter- Your skill summary in the cover letter.
  • Additional documents that the job listing specifically asked for

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Job application email
Job Application Email

Writing a job application Email:

  1. Collect All the documents.
  2. Compose your application email.
  3. Choose a simple but clear subject line.
  4. Your signature.
  5. Important attachments if any.
  6. Review again before sending your email application.

1. Collect All the documents

This is the first step while composing an application email. You have to arrange the required documents ready while applying for a job. Common documents include your resume, your experience documents, and professional qualification certificates if any. PDF format is standard for all documents

2. Compose your application Email

This is the next step in which actual mail composition is taken place. In this, you can collate your cover letter and your resume.

Make proper salutation and describe your profile in one paragraph and include in the next paragraph why you are a suitable candidate for this role. and attached required documents if any. 

3. Chose simple and clear subject line

The subject line of mail is very important. It must be enough to describe what is it exactly for. Keeping it simple and clear helps the recruiter to understand the reason. Simply you can use a subject line such a“Your full Name – A Position which you are applying for”.

4. Your signature

At the end of the email, your signature is most important in which you can mention your full name along with correct contact details. You can mention your social profiles link if you want to show it to your recruiter.

5. Important attachments if any

Do not forget to attach your resume, document, or cover letter whichever is required.

6. Review before sending your Email application

Before clicking on the send button, you must ensure that all-important points are mentioned properly. Check if there any grammatical errors. 

check the attachments properly with acceptable size. After all, crosschecks You can send an email to the recruiter

Sample Template

Job application Email can be written in the easiest way. Below is the sample Template for your help

[Subject line: You can mention Your name and Job title if any, the reference number for job listing if any]

[Salutation: Dear [Recruiter Manager’s name]

[1st paragraph: You must have to introduce yourself in a positive mode. You can provide them information about yourself as well as the job vacancy that you are interested in. Also, you must inform them about the source of the job where you found it. Possible sources could be social media, job portals, references, or consultants.

[2nd paragraph: In this, you have to give your information about your qualification and convince them that how you are most suitable for this job role. You can explain to them about your skills, education, and experience which is required for the job.]

[3rd paragraph: Attached documents and show you interest that you would be very happy if any information required if required.]

[ Last Paragraph: Mention the Thank You comment to the recipient and also you can use closing salutation such as “Sincerely.” Also, you Must mention signature along with contact details


So, from the above guidelines, you will find that wiring a job application email is not that difficult. You can easily write better emails to the recruiter and get better opportunities without any hassle.

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