Top 10 Evergreen Jobs in India


What are top 10 the evergreen jobs in India? This is one of the very common questions asked by any student or candidate who wants to start their own career. We always wanted to peruse our career in the right direction by selecting the right job. Therefore we must understand which the good options available in surroundings.

As far as India is concerned, it is a very vast country having huge diversity among the career options. Also, it is one the most populous country therefore there are huge chances of career-making.

As a common man, he always in favour of getting a good job with a good reputation and a fair salary. Therefore It becomes very important to select the best jobs that are evergreen for a longer time.

What is mean by Evergreen Job?

There is no standard definition for the term evergreen jobs. But in a general manner, we can define as those Jobs which are most popular from longer time having a good reputation, salary and many applicants are attracted towards it.

Let’s take a look each one of them in details

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India’s Top 10 Evergreen Jobs

1. Medical Professional

Medical Healthcare

This is the most popular sector in India to choose your career. We know that India is having a huge population therefore there are plenty of problems associated with it. Nowadays conditions are rapidly changing due to fast life routine.

Many are suffering from stress, diseases, and other physical conditions. It creates a scope for this medical field. Medical professionals are there to help you in these situations. the average life expectancy is increased as there are new inventions carried out every day.

Another reason to make this an evergreen job in India is that as a medical practitioner, you are saving a life and giving value to your society. It is one of the best noble professions. Also, it is one of the highest-paying jobs in India. 

Average Salary Brackets

Fresher: 4-6 LPA

Mid Position: 6- 12 LPA

Experienced Holders: 25 LPA +

2. Engineers


This is the second most preferable popular profession after Medical in India. Engineering Job is one of the top evergreen jobs in India for a longer time.  As we aware India is the fastest growing economy and engineers have major contributions towards it. There are various types of engineers as per the different industries in India.

Commonly we can look at Engineers, who are the practitioners or professionals of engineering who are capable to analyze, design and build machines or designs. They have the ability to solve complex problems and make life easier for society.

In India, it is a more preferable choice for that just completed secondary education and want to peruse a career in the technical field.

Average Salary Brackets

Fresher: 2-4LPA

Mid Position: 6- 10 LPA

Experienced Holders: 15 LPA +

3. Law Professional

Law Legal

This is third among the best choice when we are looking at top evergreen jobs in India. For a longer time Legal profession has more demands. Law professional seems to be the first choice before our independence.

Most of our freedom fighters had law degrees and they were good lawyers. Nowadays also Lawyer profession is a need of society because there is a huge number of legal matters in India pending for a long time.

The scope in the law profession is huge in India. There are huge demands of this profession when it comes to criminal, civil matters, or any other legal matters.

Those who want to choose Law as a profession has to complete law degree first and later they can start as practitioner.

Average Salary Brackets

Fresher: 3 LPA

Mid Position: 6- 15 LPA

Experienced Holders: 25 LPA +

4. Chartered Accountants

Chartered Accountants CA

Chartered Accountant (CA) is the most popular and evergreen job in India. CA is always in demand when it concerns finance and its issues.

As normal earning individuals we always had many doubts about finances and we are not able to handle financial complexities. Therefore we need to hire an expert who can handle these problems easily.

Chartered Accountant (CA) is the solution provider to your Accountancy, taxation, or audit-related problems. They are having the expertise to sort out any kind of financial issues, therefore, they have a huge value in the industry.

We would say if you are a commerce graduate and have an interest in the finance field then you must consider CA as the best profession to make your career.

Average Salary Brackets

Fresher: 6 LPA

Mid Position: 6- 15 LPA

Experienced Holders: 25 LPA +

5. Civil Services

Civil Services IAS

Well, everyone has different kinds of interests to achieve something good in his life and CIVIL services are the best choice to peruse the interests. Many students want a job which is most prestigious having a good reputation in society.

We would like to suggest choosing Civil services like IAS, IPS, or IRS. These are among the top reputed jobs in India. These are highly paid with a good reputation and among the top evergreen jobs in India.

If you are graduating from any stream then you can go with civil services exams. These exams are not easy to crack by everyone. You need to have a thorough knowledge and dedication to pass the exam.

Average Salary Brackets

Fresher: 6 LPA

Mid Position: 6- 12 LPA

Experienced Holders: 15LPA +

6. IT and Software Engineer

IT and Software Engineer

There is no doubt IT has the most impact on our society. Since internet technology is growing at a fast rate, IT and software jobs are highly in demand

Specifically in India IT sector has inspired new individuals to become a part of technology. IT sector created many job vacancies throughout the years and most candidates are attracted due to good-paying structures.

There are many job opportunities like coders, engineers, and hackers and there is the continuous growth of new technologies over the period of time. Therefore It is one of the Evergreen Jobs in India.

If you want to become a part of the IT industry then you can choose the science stream, specifically the IT or Computer science field. You can learn good skills and there are no boundaries for your growth.

Average Salary Brackets

Fresher: 4-6 LPA

Mid Position: 6- 16 LPA

Experienced Holders: 25 LPA +

7. Banking Professionals


Banking is one of the core sectors in India for a longer time. After the independence of India Banking system growing a lot and became the most important service to everyone.

Banking Professionals are considered the most reputed in society. They are highly paid and it is one of the most stable jobs in India. Therefore Banking jobs are considered evergreen jobs in India.

There are various types of Banks like private owned, public sector bank and cooperative bank, etc. If you want to make a career in this particular you can start it with a graduate degree.

You can prepare for exams of Public sector banks. Or if you want to choose Private sector Bank then you can start as fresher.

Average Salary Brackets

Fresher: 3 LPA

Mid Position: 6- 15 LPA

Experienced Holders: 24LPA +

8. Marketing Professionals

Marketing Profession

Marketing is the core sector of any industry. There is no doubt it has endless growth. Any organization is growing today is because of good marketing strategies.

 As a Marketing Professional, you must have good product knowledge, good communications, and Marketing skills. Many marketing professionals are earning good salaries and huge incentives.

Specifically, in India, there are huge numbers of start-ups demanding skilful individuals to promote their products. This industry has many career opportunities and which are in huge numbers. This makes marketing the top evergreen jobs in India.

Marketing could be any type it could be direct, Indirect, or digital. You can start your career as a fresher with a professional degree. Also, you can learn many marketing skills from your experiences.

Average Salary Brackets

Fresher: 4-6 LPA

Mid Position: 8- 14 LPA

Experienced Holders: 15 LPA +


9. Scientists


 Scientists are the most important profession of any country. India is a developing country and we need a good team for research and development work.

This is one of the evergreen jobs in India since Independence. We are the developing economy in the world and a huge marketplace for goods and services. Therefore there is a huge scope for new innovations.

In fact, no country can grow in the future without any contribution to research and development. Therefore every government tries to groom students to peruse a career in this direction. They need young innovative and inspiring minds to be a part of science and research.

 We should not always look at it as a lucrative field like other industries, but we must consider this a noble profession towards society.

Average Salary Brackets

Fresher: 4-6 LPA

Mid Position: 6- 12 LPA

Experienced Holders: 20 LPA +

10. Architect


The architect is one of the top evergreen jobs in India. In fact, India is the fastest-growing economy therefore we need a professional who can build our nation.

We need a great infrastructure that helps to grow our nation. The architect is a professional having creative minds to build innovative structures.

There is huge money involved in every project therefore Architect can earn a good salary. If you are looking to start your career in this field then you must have a specialized degree in Architecture.

Average Salary Brackets

Fresher: 4-6 LPA

Mid Position: 6- 12 LPA

Experienced Holders: 25 LPA


Well, I want to close this discussion by suggesting that choosing the right career is very important. There is still a huge number of choices available other than evergreen jobs in India.

But you should choose those jobs which suit your skills, interests and future goals. If you have any queries related to your career then you can post them in the comment box.

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