8 Most Popular Free Job Portals in India


Which top Free Job Portals are available to search jobs in India? Well, we always have such type of questions in our mind while searching a job through online media.

Before we get into this, we must know that the online medium is too vast. There are plenty of options available. These could be, Job Portal, Consultant websites, Employer Career Page, Social media, online job forums, and Professional groups, etc

In this particular article we are going to discuss about most popular and convenient option i.e. Job Portal.

What means to Job Portal

Job Portals are many times referred as Job Website. With the help of job portals, we can easily search desired jobs with many customizable options.

Therefore many job seekers have the first preference towards online Job Portals. To search best jobs that suit your skill sets, we must know which one is the best, convenient and cost-effective.

Below are the list of best free Job Portals in India from which you can search your dream opportunity.

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This is one the most popular when we talk about Top Free Job Portals in India . It is accessed by millions of job seekers on daily basis. The best thing about the naukri is that it is quite old and has huge amount of database.

Naukri started in 1997 offering the best services to both Jobseekers and employers. The site  provides many features that are free to the jobseekers with plenty of customizable search options. There are huge number of recruiter also registered and they continuously posting thousands of jobs on each day.

Naukri offers its premium services to both job seekers and employers. For Jobseeker they offer premium services for resume writing, highlight skills on your profiles ,career Tips etc. This helps in increasing chances of getting jobs.

For Employer, they offer paid services like jobseeker database, online search solutions, customer services etc.

Career Making

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Career Making is the best choice for local job search. This is a totally free job site designed for candidates who are searching jobs in their local area.

Founded in 2020, career making has major focus on entry level and mid level position. Career making also provide career tips in blog option which is very helpful. It helps job seekers to know current market changes and helps to get prepared.

Career making has simple User Interface with multiple search options. It has prime focus on Free Jobs, easy placements and local job availability,

As far as free Job Portals in India is concern this is one of the young job portal with lots of free options available for Jobseeker and recruiters.

Monster India

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Next popular among Top Free Job Portals in India is Monster India.  This is another most used job portal which is quite old and has a huge database too.

Monster has similar features like customized search options to both employer and job seekers. Monster is very portable job Portal which is now available on mobile platforms and job search becomes very easy.

Like Naukri, it offers plenty of features with great user interface and filter options. Jobseeker can creates own free account and search jobs for free.

Monster is second largest jobs portal in India on which many recruiters also have been registered. They post their thousands of job vacancies on daily basis.


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Third best free job Portal is Shine.com which is most popular job portal in India  Shine has many unique features which make shine most popular among the free job portals.

Shine Provide most Innovative solutions to the job seekers. It is Launched in 2008 by the popular newspaper brand – HT Media Limited and within short duration shine has achieved a huge landmark.   

Shine.com has huge number of jobs from each sector. Nowadays Jobseekers are preferring shine as the best option for local jobs.

Common Standard features include live chat and email support, easy user interface and easy navigation. Job seekers have many options to search jobs with filters like location, skills and experience.

This makes shine.com as best choice when top Free Job Portals in India is concern.


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TimesJobs.com is another popular job portal own by the Times Group. It is launched in 2004 offers valuable services to its clients.

There are various types of job categories from which jobseekers can easily search local jobs.  This is again quite old job portal which has millions of registered users.

It offers both free and paid services. It is easy to get registered with times jobs. Recruiters also has separate login from which they can easily post their jobs. Times jobs User Interface is quite simple and handy for both candidate and employer.

Therefore ,time jobs always been considered among the top free job portals in India.


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Indeed is another free job portal which is now very popular india. Basically it is a US-based job portal provides its services all around the world including india.

Indeed now becomes leading job portals in India. Indeed provides free job posting options to the recruiter from which they can post millions of jobs .

Also it is free for jobseekers with number of customization options. You can create free account and update your resume in your profile.

Indeed Offer local job opportunities to the jobseeker hence it becomes the best choice as far as free job portals are concern.


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As the name suggests this is specifically designed for the freshers. This is one of the most popular among the freshers as it provides walk jobs opportunities, multiple placement options and different courses etc

Apart from entry level jobs you can join courses to learn new skills. In India there is millions of students Pass-out every year and they want to start their professional Journey.

Fresher world becomes ultimate choice to them. Therefore when there is free job portals is concern we can’t ignore Fresherworld.


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Linked In is one of the Popular Professional Network site launched in 2003. This is kind of website is used to create your own professional profile from which you can search best job vacancies.

Linked in has option to create your own profile in which you can mention your skill sets, expertise There is millions of profiles which creates a professional networks from which they can interact to each other and share ideas, thoughts ,jobs recommendations.

Since, most of the recruiters are now on LinkedIn to reach directly to the candidates. However it takes time to build your own network.

In short Linkedin is a social network site with professional touch and it is among best free job portals in India.


Well, list is quite big for free job portals but we have chosen which are best for you. This has been chosen on the parameters like user experience, job availability, better user Interface and portability.

Hope you like this article from which help you to know more about free job portals. You can checkout each job portal to search job vacancies. This will definitely help you get your dream jobs.

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