Top 8 Reasons for Job Change in India


Why are you looking for Job change? This is the most common question ask when you are sitting in the interviews.

To give them a perfect answer, you must understand the top reasons for job change and you must aware of how your answer must be convincing to the interviewer.

Most of the employees in the organization always in searching for better opportunities and willing to change their current role. There could be the personal or professional reasons for every job change.

We are going to discuss among the top reasons for Job change. These are very common reasons which everyone faces in their professional life.

What are the Top Reasons for Job Change

Well, the top reasons for job change can be seen as below. We are going to elaborate on each reason in detail. You must understand these are general reasons and do not belong to any particular industry.

As far as employer perspective is concern these are the most common reasons faces by many employees.  Every Organization must try to minimize these in order to get better retentions of employees.

This is due to a huge amount of time invested in hiring good candidates, train them, and promote to achieve productivity from each. Hence retention becomes a crucial task.

There were the days when people use to stick for years in same place but now thing are totally changed. There are huge competition among the industries and employee want to cash every opportunity which suits them.

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For better Salary hikes

For better Salary hikes

This is one of the top reasons for job change. Every employee prefers better pay than his current salary.

Money is the ultimate motivation when it comes to your Job and manages your expenses. Employees always want more salary as they consider that they is doing good and want to do better.

Main focus is that Good salary is necessary to manage your personal finances and your needs. Significantly we can manage our expenses and life balance with good salary.

We can discuss this parameter while the interviewer asks you this question. You must need to convince him properly. You must him believe that your reason for the change is valid and required.

New Opportunities and Promotions

Most employee gives top priority to money but there are few among those who thinks about new growth opportunities with better designations.

Many employees have the strong aspiration towards career making. They always like to take new challenges with greater responsibility.

Lets take an example, An employee who is paid good salary but he is not satisfied with his routine job and wants to grow himself. Obviously he will look will look better opportunity with higher grade.

Therefore this is one of the top reasons for job change which is very obvious and can be explained to the interviewer.

Job change

Bad Management-Lack of leaderships

Bad Management is refers to the organization which are unable to utilize the employees talent is productive way.

Many organizations have first priority towards profits and growth but in which employees plays vital role and sometimes unnoticed by the organizations.

This creates a negative impact to the employees who are continuously working hard for the company. Lack of leadership qualities of managers harms team relationships and productivity suffers.

Therefore employees who are victims of this kind of situation have always a mindset of looking for a job change.

Work Culture -Ethics, Working hours, Policies etc

We must say that work culture plays an important role in employee’s growth. Human are the social animals therefore we loves to work in the environment which we like the most.

Every organization has its own ethics, different practices, working hours, and harsh policies. Many times It becomes difficult to follow this culture by an employee.

Employees who are not satisfied with work culture maybe not being productive as they use to be. Sometimes employees are not comfortable working.

Therefore it becomes major reason for job change and employee look for better opportunities.



This is a very important and serious issue in every organization’s which among the top reasons for job change. Employees can be harassed in many ways.

Many times your line manager is not satisfied to your work, so he may tries to harass you by giving excessive work, ask to extend or complete work in deadlines.

Harassment could be personal harassment like sexual harassment; the use of abusive words or signs. This disturbs the employee’s work routine and unable to give their best.

Therefore this is another reason for job change which you can explain in detail to the interviewer.

Personal Reasons

Personal Reason is totally related to employee’s life. It could be a personal matter in his family, any serious financial issues or other circumstances where employee is unable to provide his services to company.

These always varies depends on every employees and their situations. Many employees provide the common reason for job change as Personal reason which they don’t want to elaborate to the next company.

If there is situation arise when interviewer ask you in detail, then you have to explain real situation in positive way. May be your truthiness will help you get new opportunity easily.

Health issues

Health very important issue for an employee and it could be among the top reasons for job change. A health issue can be considered a personal issue associated with employee. Many times health issues could be more serious that employees unable to attends the office.

It could a physical issue or psychological issue and depends on employee condition how much it is serious enough.

These issues affect the work and pending work needs to assign someone. Also health issues might be related to certain locality where employee has side effects of the local weather conditions as well like asthma.

We know that this reason is not among the top reason for job change but every interviewer is concern about the health condition of each employee.

So, while applying to the next company you must be medically fit and you have to give them confidence that you are now ready to give a hundred percent to the company.

Voluntary relocation

Voluntary Relocation or Transfers

At last among the top reasons for job change is Voluntary Relocation refers to the employee’s personal situation while the transfer totally depends on business needs.

Voluntary relocation is a request from employee to the company where he request to employee to quit his services in his current location.

This could be due to family shift or education of children etc. Every employee has to make the proper balance of his work and priorities. Sometime it is difficult choose between these and has not any option other than to look for change.

The next reason is Transfers which is the relocation of employees by the company to handle the new responsibilities at certain locations. This could be a promotional transfer or punishment transfer, It totally depends on the organization’s requirement.

If you are applying to new job in company, you have to explain the actual reasons in proper manner so that interviewer must be convinced.

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Finally, I would like to wrap up by saying that employees are very valuable resource to the company. Every company must keep them happy and must focus on retentions.

Also from an employee point of view, I am sure this article will help you to understand the top reasons for job change in detail. This will definitely help you in searching for new opportunities.


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