Top 10 Pros & Cons Private Vs Government Sarkari Jobs

Top 10 Pros & Cons Private Vs Government Sarkari Jobs

If I ask you a question: What you would choose between Private Vs Government Sarkari Jobs?

Well, I know the obvious answer to the above question and that would be Government Jobs. Specifically, In India, we are having limited opportunities available and there is huge competition in every department

Whether he/she is a graduate from any faculty, let it be engineering, BA, B.Com, or even an MBA. Every single graduate wants a Government Job i.e. Sarkari Naukri.

In this article, we are going to discuss the difference between them and understand there pros and cons. This will help us to pursue our career further and choose a better one.

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Job Opportunities

Private Jobs: While talking about Private jobs, there are plenty of opportunities that are available in the market. we have a number of private companies available including startups as well as established MNCs. They recruit candidates basis on their skillset and relevant experience.

The major challenge is to get selected in those is totally depends on your caliber. Also, we need to have a professional attitude towards our careers.

Government Jobs: The government also offers many vacancies every year in Central Govt Bodies, State Govt Bodies, PSUs, and PSBs. Every year many candidates apply for govt jobs and get placed.

The Major challenge is that the competition among available vacancies. Govt jobs are limited in numbers. Hence you have to do preparation accordingly.

Work Environment

Private Jobs: Many organizations have a prime focus on improving organizational behavior and work culture. Every employee is capable to handle assigned duties within a given time which helps to improve the overall customer experience.

As per the employee perspective, this may not be an ideal work situation every time. It totally depends on a particular job.

Government Jobs: We are very much aware of the govt offices’ work environment. Most of the time, work processes are very slow as compared to private offices. Only a few departments are functional all the time throughout the day.

As per the employee perspective, this may not be true always because many govt organizations are ready to cope up with current market changes.

Private Jobs Vs Government Sarkari Jobs
Private Jobs Vs Government (Sarkari) Jobs


Private Jobs: Definitely yes, from private jobs you can earn much more money that is why many people are attracted to specialized jobs in private sectors. In today’s world, we know that money can be considered as the ultimate motivation and a private job offers a lucrative amount of salary, incentives, and other benefits.

Government Jobs: It offers you fixed guaranteed monthly income and you would be paid on time. You would get other benefits like Medical, TA/DA, etc. The overall salary range is maintained over the years.


Private Jobs: I would say yes, in private sector jobs there is always pressure because it ensures that the employees should complete their given task within a given time frame. Therefore you might feel busy in scheduled environments.

You need to be ready for upcoming challenges and have to prove your efficiency. Many times you get the chances of appreciation and rewards too.

Government Jobs: However in govt jobs, there is less pressure as compared to private jobs. You might have the burden of work only is incase if you are not handling your daily work routine properly.

In the recent scenario, many are considering this factor if they are looking for steady jobs.


Private Jobs: Flexibility totally depends on the job type. Most of the time you might have to do extra work without any pay whether you wish to or not. Also, you have to do work from home that too on holidays.

However, there are some jobs where the employee gets the flexibility to handle responsibilities from home which totally depends on the situation.

Government Jobs: In government jobs, there are fixed standard working hours, so employees are having a routine mindset. In extreme situations, if required these employees have to do overtime and for this, they are been paid bonus properly.


Private Jobs: Sunday is a common weekend holiday for every professional in the private sector. Also, you will get festival holidays as per the company’s yearly holiday calendar declared.

Government Jobs: We must say govt officials are too fortunate to have many holidays. You can have a great time with your family and friends.

Overall, if we compare, we understand that govt officials can enjoy more holidays as compared to private sector employees.


Private Jobs: Private jobs offer you growing opportunities every time. If you are doing work hard then you expect better appraisals for your hard work.

Promotions totally depend on target achievement, quality of your work and overall efficiency, etc. You can achieve a position with good salary within short duration comparatively you have wait long in govt jobs.

Government Jobs: In government jobs, promotion totally depends on how much service period you have completed. If you are doing good work for a longer time, you will have a better chance to achieve desire position

However, there are many examples of hard-working employees who often unnoticed and continue jobs due to fewer opportunities.

Job security

Private Jobs: Well, job security is a major concern in private jobs. There are issues like layoffs. Employees may have to lose a job due to profit loss, technology change, company cost-cutting, etc. In the recession time of 2008, we had very bad experiences of layoffs. A similar situation we have faced in Covid 19 Pandemic.

Government Jobs: Whereas, government sector jobs are more steady as compare to Private jobs. They are paid properly on time and their jobs remain secure. Therefore job security is considered as on top priority for govt jobs.

Job satisfaction

Private Jobs: Job satisfaction varies on different growth levels. The private sector is growing every day and therefore new job opportunities are created which may not be as similar to traditional jobs. You might get the opportunity that suits better to your skillsets.

The best approach is that you have to learn every day and show a positive approach to your organization. Your hard work will deserve the best that you want to achieve. If you are too ambitious then you can choose to do so.

Government Jobs: Job satisfaction could be a great factor in govt jobs where employees can enjoy a stable life over the job period.

An employee can have less pressure with guaranteed monthly income. Therefore many people are now preferring govt sector jobs.


Private Jobs: The private sector has generated plenty of job opportunities in India. Whether it would be sectors like Information Technology, Media, Banking, Education, Pharmaceutical, Finance, Marketing, Advertising, or research, there are many job opportunities in almost every field.

Also no need to mention that private jobs offer huge money and come with tremendous growth opportunities,

The reputation of a private job is dependent on what you have achieved after hard work. Many times people don’t notice it.

Government Jobs: This is an additional perk given to government officers, may it be at the state level or central level.

Government Jobs carry immense reputation in Indian society. A person with a govt job is celebrated and respected everywhere he/she goes.


Private Vs Government Sarkari Jobs discussion is too long to discuss. There are some pros and cons associated with each category of jobs. So whichever you chose, you must be satisfied with your decision.

I would suggest If you are a person full of ambitions, ready to take challenges, and can manage pressure then go with Private jobs. You will definitely achieve a good position along with more money. You could be an inspiration to others. You can search for the latest vacancies on Career Making Jobs

Wise versa If you are looking for a stable job with enough salary, then govt jobs will be a better choice. Probably you must choose a job in which you can give some value to society and contribute

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